I have just seen on Facebook that peoples are sharing a Facebook Hoax Privacy And Permission Notice which clarifying that they are no longer give Facebook permission to use their photos,videos and personal information and so on.

Facebook Hoax Privacy And Permission Notice 2015:

This is not happening for the firs time, Last year in September a similar hoax message was circulating on the Facebook. A screen shot of the last year Facebook Hoax message is shown below.

Hoax Facebook Privacy And Permission Notice

At that time when this hoax message was circulating almost 70% Facebook users were fall in this hoax message spreading campaign. Similarly now in June 2016 a Hoax message is circulating on Facebook with tile “Facebook Hoax Privacy And Permission Notice”.

Facebook Hoax Privacy And Permission Notice 2016:

There is a snap shot given below which shows the hoax Facebook Hoax Privacy And Permission Notice!

Facebook Privacy and Permision Notice 2016

What is Facebook Hoax Message?

Hoax is a type of virus, peoples create hoax messages to make fool other peoples. Hoax message have no effect on the users, it just make peoples fool to read this message and forward it to others.

The Facebook Hoax Privacy And Permission Notice is also a hoax message, Facebook has made no such announcement. The peoples behind this hoax message created this message to viral it across the social media network.

I am surprised to know that well-educated peoples who know better that how privacy policy of a company works, also becoming fools and sharing this message on their timeline and also asking their friends to do the same.

Facebook have already posted a statement about this Facebook Privacy And Permission Notice!

Facebook Privacy and Permission NoticeIf you are a privacy lover and wants to limit other peoples to don’t allow them to see your profile,photos videos and other posts. Facebook and also other social media networks provides settings in this regards to limit the strangers. Check out the Facebook Privacy Settings 2016 to have a look on your privacy settings.