Recover deleted files

How to Recover Deleted Files Best Android Data Recovery Tool:

There is many peoples around the world who are using android phone and if they lost their files,photos or other data they become upset. But there is no need to be upset there is a great android data recovery tool that recovers almost all the data that was saved in your mobile. It also recovers the data from SD card.


Best Android Data Recovery Tool:
There are many android data recovery tools on the internet but some of them are paid or some of them shows use less actions to perform. However i found two best android data recovery apps that are totally free and very simple in use.Followings are the android data recovery app.

1: Undeleter. 
2: GT Recovery.

Here is a step by step guide to recover deleted files and and recover the deleted photos in android mobile.


Step By Step Guide to Recover Deleted Files:

 1: Go to App store and search for undeleter.
2: Download the undeleter app.
3: Install undeleter app in your android phone.
4: Open undeleter app.
5: Select from which ROM you want to recover files Mobile          (internel memory or SD card).
6: Select the extension of files that which type of files you want  to recover like (.jpg, .jpeg,.pdf,.gif etc).