Maybe you are aware from the ATM skimming devices, But have you ever seen any one?.If not ,then there is a video below in which security engineer shows, how he spots ATM skimming device?.

Do You Know What Is ATM Skimming Device?

ATM Skimming devices are designed to look exactly like the factory installed card reader slot in ATM machine.ATM skimming devices are smaller then the deck of cards that fits over the existing card reader.This type of devices are used by the hackers to steal the information of debit cards.

How ATM Skimming Device Works?

ATM Skimmers consists two parts. One is the custom designed card readers that look exactly like the factory installed card readers. The custom designed card readers installed over the original card reader slot.When ever some one swaps card in the card slot of ATM machine.First it passes through fake card reader that is installed over the original card reader then it goes to the original one. When any debit card passes through the fake card reader, it scans and records all the debit card data.ATM machine will work fine if there is any ATM skimming device is installed so that’s why you are unable to determine that is there anything wrong or not?

The second part of the ATM skimming device is a small camera. Hacker install a small camera some where on the ATM machine to record the PIN code of any debit card. So , if you use any ATM machine in which ATM skimmer is installed your PIN will be record by the camera. Now hackers have your PIN code but how he access your ban account without having your debit card?.

The answer is the hacker will use the recorded data of debit card to make another bogus debit card. Which allow him to use your debit card for cash out money or transfer funds to his own account.

How A Security Expert Spots An ATM Skimming Device?

A security engineer, Benjamin Tedesco, spotted an ATM skimming device while he was on a visit to Vienna, Austria. When he was hanging out in Vienna, he thought to grab out some cash from the ATM machine which is situated outside the St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Being security paranoid, I repeated my typical habit of checking the card reader with my hand as I have 100’s of times. While While having inspection of the ATM machine, I discovered custom made card skimmer that perfectly matches up to ATM machine, Benjamin Tedesco said.

Benjamin Tedesco recorded a video to share his discovery, there is a video below which shows how he spotted an ATM skimming Device?


He also shared a closer picture of that ATM skimming device and explained what it does contains.

ATM Skimming Device

You can see all the electronic components that ATM skimmer contains. There is small battery (the large silver object on the right) some sort of switch (the small silver object in the middle with the small black tab sticking out of it) and of course the control board with the 4 pin connector (the large green board to the left), Benjamin Tedesco Explained.

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