Google Fined 3 Billion

Google Fined 3 Billion $ by European Commission. Google have to face almost 3.4 Billion fine in coming days, according to report. European commission after 7 years of investigation have decided that Google have to pay 3.4$ Billion fine because of violating antitrust law rules.

The European Union have said that Google Inc had abused its dominance in search results by showing its own services on the top of result. Before Intel was also faced a fine of 1.03 Billion Euro on violating antitrust laws and now Google Inc is facing a recorded fine of 3.4$ Billions,Said in News Paper The Sunday Telegraph report.

According to the News Paper report , The amount of total fine is not finalized yet. The fine on google will openly announce in the beginning of next month.

This is not the first time that Google is facing a recorded fine. Google also spoiled his dominant position in Android Phone industry. Because of installing its own app like Google Chrome, YouTube , Google search and Gmail by default in every android phone. Installing these app by defaults make harder for competitor to compete with Google.

In this case Google not only have faced 3.4$ Billion. Google will be banned on showing its own products ads on the top in search results. Google will not continue to do any type of Business in Europe until they don’t pay the fine.


Google Fined 3 Billion Dollars And Google’s Decision:


As this fine is a recorded fine for Google.Google and Rivals taking decision to seek information about , that how European Commission proceed with investigation. This decisions is not yet announced.“It’s a serious investigation with serious consequences if the EU chooses to bring a case and has evidence,”” said Spencer Waller.  Let’s see What will be going next Will Google Pay Fine ? Or  EU will get back their Decision.