How To Hack An Facebook Account

How to hack an Facebook account is the most searched query in all search engines. Maybe you have found many ways but non of them will work because hacking Facebook account is to much hard, But hackers have prove that the can Hack any Facebook account with just only getting victim’s mobile number.

How To Hack An Facebook Account?

Are you wondering that is it possible ?, So stop wondering it’s really possible hackers have found a way through which than can hack any Facebook account using mobile number.

Maybe you are thinking that how a hacker can hack any Facebook account while Facebook is a most secured social media network. There is no weakness in Facebook security system but the weakness exists in the part of global telecom network SS7.


SS7 stands for  Signalling System Number 7 which is a telephony protocol which is used by the many Telecommunication operators to exchange the information with on an other. E.g cross-carrier billing, enabling roaming, and other features.

The weakness in SS7 protocol can let hackers and other security agencies to spy on the cell phones,Deliver  victim’s calls and messages to their own devices hiddenly.  This weakness also let hackers and security agencies to hijack the social media account that are registered on the mobile numbers.

A Hacker having skills to exploit SS7 network, your mobile number on which your Facebook account is registered and some information of your mobile phone can easily hack your Facebook account .

Security Researcher Team at  Positive Technologies who already given a demo about that how they can hack any Whatsapp accounts and Telegram accounts now have given a demo about that How To Hack An Facebook account  using Mobile Number.


Method That Shows How To Hack An Facebook Account With Mobile Number ?


First of all the hackers need your mobile number if he wants to hack your Facebook account. If he got your mobile number than he will simply go to and clicks on forget password, than Facebook will ask to putt your email address or mobile number to get one-time pass code. One-time pass code is code that Facebook sent to your mobile number when you forget your password and than made a request to Facebook about resetting your password.

Hackers will make request to reset password of your Facebook account by using your number. When he made request Facebook Will send a text message that contains one-time pass code, hacker will exploit SS7 network and deliver that message to his own computer or mobile device. Than he will use that one-time pass code to access your Facebook account than he will able to change all the information of your account with a legit way.