ImageMagick Tool Vulnerability

ImageMagick Tool vulnerability has  found which can allow hackers to upload any malicious code in the web server. This vulnerability was found by Ryan Huber.

What Is ImageMagick Tool Vulnerability?


ImageMagick tool is a open source software and app which allow peoples to display,re-size,crop,scale,watermarking and edit the pictures. All the web development languages like PHP,Python,Ruby and C++ which is used to develop a blog , e-commerce website, and other business and social media websites is supported by ImageMagick Tool. WordPress,Blogspot and Drupal is also compatible with this tool.


What ImageMagick Tool Vulnerability Can Do?


Ryan Huber a security engineer have found a vulnerability in ImageMagick Tool. He have said that hackers can upload any malicious code on the website which is using this tool by uploading a maliciously-crafted image. This maliciously-crafted image may have a code inside which can be execute and steal secret information when it uploads to any website which is using ImageMagick Tool. Huber have said that the website which is using this tool and allowing people to upload their own image files to web server is at on risk.

Ryan Huber have said that we disclosed this vulnerability and some other vulnerability in ImageMagick Tool and reported to its developers. They have released a patch on 2016-04-30 but these vulnerabilities are still not fixed.

ImageMagick developers have said that ” We have got the news about vulnerabilities and also Remote Code Execution vulnerability in ImageMagick Tool “. These vulnerabilities will be patched in our next update of ImageMagick Tool. Website administrators should have to add some codes in their website to block these kind of exploits.

Web Administrators can add code to check Image Bytes to check the files that is uploading by a visitor. Visit FAQ page of imagetragic to know more about the Image Bytes