LinkedIn Accounts Hacked

LinkedIn Accounts hacked also in 2012. The Russian hacker hack more than 6 Million LinkedIn account and posted it for public. The hacked account contains usernames and encrypted passwords.

LinkedIn Accounts Hacked in 2016:

LinkedIn was faced a massive data breach in 2012 due to which more than 6 million accounts was hacked. But in a latest report it has been said that it was not only 6 Million accounts that was stolen. Almost 117 Million account with login details and password was stolen in 2012 massive data breach.

After 4 years of LinkedIn’s Data breach a hacker now claims that he/she have a data base of 167 Million emails and passwords with other login details. Now hacker is made these LinkedIn accounts available for sale.

LinkedIn Accounts Hacked And Made Available For Sale:


The hacker made it available on Dark Web Marketplace which is illegal marketplace. The hacker offering to sale this stolen data for 5 Bitcoins which is equal to 2,200$. A spokesman from motherboard have said that these login details confirms that it belongs to 2012’s data breach.

Troy Hunt an Australian web security researcher  have said that ” Many victims have confirmed to me that these login details are legitimate”.
This incident confirms that LinkedIn store users login and other details in a insecure database. LinkedIn team was not clarified before that how much users are affecting by that data breach.

The LinkedIn team have agreed to that data breach and they said that company is still investigating the matter, Before in 2015 LinkedIn paid 1.25$ Million to the victims in U.S. Because LinkedIn violated its privacy policy. They promised to premium users that the company will hide their personal information but they fails to do.


Our Recommendation:  Please Change your password of LinkedIn account and always make a stronger password which is hard to decrypt. Use any one of two authentication method of access LinkedIn account. Always keep a strong security option on your all social media and other accounts.