Android virus encrypt android phone and than demands for 200$ to unlock your android mobile. This type of virus is called Ransomware. Ransomwares does not only effect the Windows ,Linux and Mac systems.It also have a ability to effect the android mobiles. This android ransomware does not lock the data , mobile which is infected by the android ransomware will be held on the android mobile  main screen and never let you to do anything until you don’t pay the demanded money.

Android Virus Encrypt Android Data?

Andrew Brandt security researcher at Blue Coat have said that android mobile which are using Android 4.x operating system have vulnerabilities due to which hackers are accessing it to install ransomware in android device.

Andrew have said that Google should have to take step about the update of 5 year old android operating system that is currently using by more than 60% android user. As Microsoft have takes step about the Windows XP that it will no longer receive any update and the vulnerabilities will never be patched.  As compared to Microsoft, Google should have to patch the vulnerabilities that is found in the Android 4.x operating systems.

Andrew have said that it’s risky to use the operating systems that have vulnerabilities in it. These vulnerabilities can be a way to the hackers to install malicious apps in the android device and access the mobile data. 


How Android Virus Encrypt Android Data ?


In an Interview with the Threat Post Andrew Brandt have said that attackers are using ibxslt exploit that uses to infect the android operating system. ibxslt exploit embeds in the ads that will show up to the default browser of android. These malicious adds targets the porn websites. Hacker have developed the weaponized version of android virus that encrypt android phone. Towelroot a well known android app that is used to jailbreak or root the android phone with single click. This is the weaoponized app that hackers have developed to install malicious apps on android hidenly .

Towelroot is being using by the hackers to install ransomware on android mobile. If you have installed ransomware on your device by clicking on the malicious adds or by installing the exploit apps like Towelroot. You android Mobile will be held on the android main screen and you will never do anything untill you dont pay to the ransomware’s owner via Itunes Gift card codes.


Note: Security Researchers have said that there is only one way to remove ransomware from android. Restore the mobile with Factory Reset option will let you to get back your android device.