ESET TeslaCrypt Decryptor

Decrypt TeslaCrypt ransomware was not possible from last year. But It’s time for a Good News. Good News is that TeslaCrypt ransomware is now able to decrypt by using a master key.

TeslaCrypt Ransomware was launched in March 2015. This ransomware infected many computer around all over the world. The files of infected computers will be locked and never can be unlocked without paying 500$ to the ransomware’s owner. This ransomware was spreading through the phishing emails and infected website.


ESET TeslaCrypt Decryptor

This ransomwar’s story comes to an intresting point, that the ransomware’s authors closed this project and provided a master key for decryption. Any one can Decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware with the help of provided master key.

I am very thank full to the ransomwar’s authors that they at least provided a way through which people can decrypt their locked files. The surprising thing is that the Master Key to Decrypt Tesla Crypt Ransomware is free for all.

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Developer posted a short note on their website that ,

 "Project closed! Master key for decrypt:440A241DD80FCC5664E861989DB716E08CE627D8D40C7EA360AE855C727A49EE. Wait for other people make universal decrypt software. We are sorry!"

ESET security researcher asked for the decryption key for the TeslaCrypt Ransomware, because he had noticed the downfall of TeslaCrypt Ransomware. Upon his query the authors of TeslaCrypt posted the above note with a Master Key.

ESET developer’s received the master key and they quickly takes a step forward  and developed a Free TeslaCrypt Ransomware Decryptor Tool. Following is a guide below to Decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware. 

How to Use ESET TeslaCrypt Decryptor?

ESET TeslaCrypt Decryptor



  • Download ESET TeslaCrypt Decryptor.exe From the ESET’s website.Copy TeslaCrypt Decryptor to your Desktop.
  • Go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Command Prompt , Right Click on Command Prompt and Run As Administrator.
  • Windows 8,8.1 and 10 users can press Windows Key + R to open Run , Than type “cmd.exe” and click on open or press enter.
  • Type this command in cmd ” cd %userprofile%\Desktop” (do not replace “userprofile” with your user name.
  • Now type ESETTeslaCryptDecryptor.exe and press enter.
  • Type ESETTeslaCryptDecryptor.exe C: and press enter, The C drive will be scanned in silent mode, if you wish to scan any other Drive than simply replace C: with other Drive name.
  • If an infection will be found , follow the prompts to clean your computer.