FACEBOOK Hacking tool


Method To Hack Facebook Account – That Really Hack Facebook Account?

A lot of people searching about that how to hack Facebook account some of boys are trying to find a method by searching that how to hack my girlfriend’s Facebook account while some girls are thinking that their boyfriend is cheating on her ,so how do I hack his Facebook account. Now doubt internet world is a world where you can get almost anything, and I am sure that people who are searching about to hack a Facebook account have discovered many methods to hack Facebook account that is not really working .However a new method is discovered in 2016 that really works to hack Facebook account.


 FACEBOOK Hacking Tool

Hack Facebook Account 100% Working:

Remtasu a simple hacking tool that are people using to hack Facebook accounts. i know  You are wondering  that how a simple tool can hack Facebook account. It’s really working it hack Facebook account but not the others whom u desire to hack, actually it hack yours Facebook account.


What is Remtasu Facebook Hacking Tool?

Remtasu is basically a marketing tool that contains a Trojan Virus which is used by someone to hack Facebook account’s password. This Trojan Virus that is attached with the Remtasu Facebook hacking tool is spreading day by day very quickly. In the beginning this was only a tool but now a days its gains the capability of considered itself as an app for stealing the Facebook account’s information.


How Remtasu Facebook Hacking Tool Works?

As I have wrote above that it contains a Trojan Virus that is a based on Keylogger. A Kelogger is used to capture the every keystroke and saved it in a log file. That log file automatically transferred to the attacker’s server. When you go to Facebook and type your id and password, Keylogger captures it and save it in log file. And attackers use this log file to get your Facebook id and password, Hence he can easily access to your Facebook account.