FBI Virus Moneypak Ransomware

FBI virus is a software that contains malicious scripts in it. This virus claims itself as its come from the FBI. This virus is also called Fake FBI virus and Reveton Trojan.FBI Ransomware locks computer and your data will not unlock until you don’t pay. This ransomware arrived to you computer from the questionable websites which contains malicious scripts and Trojan-Bundle which can be installed on your computer without your permission. This installation of Trojan and Malicious scripts run behinds the user view. The computer which is infected by FBI virus shows up a pop up that display a message that ” You Computer Is  Now Blocked Due to Following Reason “ . These warning are faked your computer is not blocked by FBI these warning are coming from the ransomware’s owner who wants to get some money from you. And you are forced by the Ransomware;s owner to pay 100$ to him.


FBI Virus Moneypak Ransomware’s Background:


This ransomware is not created by the FBI or you will not getting warnings from the FBI, This virus is created by the hackers who wants to get money from the computer users, This ransomware is not spreading through the normal websites. Hackers first hack the different website and than placed their malicious code on that website. When some one visits that infected website he/she will got infected. Wiki Security Annalists  have said that the behave of this ransomware is similar to the GVU and Gema viruses detected in Germany , Ukash Virus detected in Belgium and the Buma Stemra that is found in Natherlands.


FBI Virus Moneypak Ransomware’s Effects: 


When a victims is got infected by the FBI virus he/she will able to see pop up alerts that your computer has been blocked due to committed any cyber crime , downloading any copyright material, or watching in pornographic content. The pop up message will tell you that You have to pay 100$ if you want to unblock your computer. You will not able to open anything on your computer until you don’t pay or remove this FBI Virus.