Hackers are trying different new Technics to break the security of computers. They are making RANSOMWARE day by day much powerful and trying to make it undetectable. A powerful and strong PowerWare RANSOMWARE was found few days ago which is fileless and undetectable. This RANSOMWARE is similar to the PowerSniff.

How PowerWare RANSOMWARE Spreading ?

RANSOMWARE are spreading by email spamming. Someone send an unknown email to you which contains a Microsoft World Document, this documents looks like to be an invoice but when you begin to click on it to see. It shows up a notification that enable macros in order to see the full attachment. When you enable the macros Power Shell will run some commands automatically which downloads some malicious files in you system. These file effect the documents and that are saved in you system. It also deny you system to write new files. The effected files got locked and when you try to unlock it. It will ask you to pay 500$ to unlock these files. Actually this amount is demanded by the hacker who had made that RANSOMWARE.

How to Stay Safe From RANSOMWARE?

As RANSOMWARES are spreading much faster, its essential for you to be aware from the kind of RANSOMWARE. Always keep up to date your system so your security can be updated regularly.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is a recommended cloud base protection that will help you to protect your computers from RANSOMWARE. Adaptive Defense 360 have a ability to block the virus or malware that is created few minutes ago. It also provide WEB Access Control, Protect you from the spamming emails and block the emails that contains RANSOMWARES or any kind of malicious files or script.

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