Zepto Ransomware is the rising file-encrypting ransomware (variant of the Locky Ransomware). Zepto Ransomware was discovered in the beginning of  2016. After Locky Ransomware, Zepto Js ransomware declared as the most widespread ransomware of 2016. Organizations in more then 114 countries has been the victim of Zepto ransomware. In April 2016, security experts identified that one fourth organizations of UK attacked by the Zepto Ransomware and in May 2016, security experts at FireEye declared Zepto Js Ransomware as a Top Threat To Business.

What Is Zepto Js Ransomware?

Zepto is a file-encrypting ransomware that arrives on the victims computer and encrypt all documents, videos, pictures, music files and all other stored data. All versions of windows including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 can be targeted by the Zepto Ransomware. Zepto Ransomware uses AES-265 and RSA encryption algorithm to encrypt your data and demands for 0.5 bitcoins or $365  for the decryption of data. You can not unlock your encrypted data until you haven’t paid to the Ransomware owner.


Zepto Js Ransomware


How Zepto Js Ransomware Arrives?

Hackers disseminate Zepto Ransomware by sending Spam Emails. Spam emails contain malicious Words or a PDF document which comes with the forged header information that force you to believe that this email has come from a trusted sender and it contains a profitable and worthy content for you. But this is the trick that hackers use to force a user to click on the attached file and see what is in it.

What Happens When Victim Opens Attached Malicious Document Containing Zepto Js Script?

When some one begins to open the attached malicious documents which contain Zepto Js script. The Zepto Js script starts to execute and download a malicious executable file which first makes an entry in the following path with random name:


After making an entry, that launched executable file of Zepto Ransomware starts scanning all the drives available on affected machine and then scan for all the files with extensions .docs, .xml, .doc, .pdf etc. When these files are founded, their extensions are altered to .zepto. So this means that these files are encrypted and cannot be opened until you provide the decryption key.

Once your data is encrypted and extension of every file changed to .zepto, Zepto Ransomware creates two files; one with the name of  _HELP_instructions.html and the other with _HELP_instructions.txt. It tells you that your data is encrypted; if you want to unlock your data pay the demanded ransom amount to the following payment address. These two files are visible in every folder along with the encrypted data.

How Zepto Ransomware Is Top Threat To Business?

Ransomware can not be decrypted but you can restore your computer to the last made restore point  by using Shadow Explorer. So your files can be restored to the previous version. But Zepto Ransomware does not allows you to restore your computer with Shadow Explorer because it deletes all the restore points made on the affected computer. So, there is no any other way remaining which helps you to recover your encrypted data. And also no one suggests you to pay the demanded ransom amount as there is no surety that the hacker will provide you the decryption key after getting the payment.

How To Fight Against The Zepto Js Ransomware?

Traditional antivirus software’s fails to defend against the advanced Ransomwares like Zepto, Locky And Tesla Crypt. Because Hackers are changing the Ransomware module continuously and enhancing it in this way that it goes undetected by the Security System.

Are you thinking that if traditional antivirus fails to defend against Ransomwares then how can you protect your computers and your important data?

The answer is Get PANDA ADAPTIVE DEFENSE 360, an advanced and signature-less technology that is able to detect a virus that is even written before 10 minutes.


Panda Adaptive Defense 360 Defend Your Devices Against Zepto Js And All Other Ransomwares And Serious Threats

Panda Adaptive defense 360 is a strong End Point protection that continuously monitors all your processes, gathering 1000’s type of information about the file such as, ‘Where did it come from’, ‘How did it execute’, ‘On which system’, ‘Who made it’, ‘What type of task it executes’, ‘When it was made’, ‘ When it was modified’ etc. This information gathering process done by the super computers along with Panda Lab Experts identifies and blocks malware.

“We don’t allow anything to run until we know exactly what it is”, said by the Panda Lab Expert.

Adaptive Defense 360 can detect a serious threat that other protection systems are unable to see. So DO NOT wait until it’s too late.




Panda Adaptive Defense 360