Sobig.f email virus

Sobig.f Email virus was found few days ago. As we know computers are always in risk because of the hacker’s attacks.

Sobig.f Email Virus:

A fastest spreading sobig.f email virus is claimed as the fastest virus in history. Sobig.f virus have ability to generate million of emails in few hours.

This email virus is spread to almost 136 countries around the world in just 4 days. Researchers have feel that it can be spread to whole world within few weeks. This virus can increase the electronic traffic which can be slow down the networks.

Individual companies are facing the effects of Sobig.f email virus. Receiving million of email copies on a computer which slowing down their network as well as system are crashing again and again. While the home user computers cant face to much emails so they are become jammed on receiving 6,00 emails.


Experts Said About Sobig.f Email Virus:

Researchers and experts have claimed this virus is the fastest spreading virus in the history. This virus is written by the spammers to send spam emails which contains virus.

In the past spam email messages automatically filters and get blocked. But Sobig.f email virus is more powerful and becoming most prevalent.

Emails which contains virus comes to inbox with sub heading like “Thank You” , “Congratulations You Win”, “Details” and “Payment Received” etc. When some one begin to open these type of emails. The virus will executed in background and make some copies of it and start bombing emails to the contacts that are saved in your address book.

The peoples, organizations or Companies who are infected by this virus are hiring technicians to clean their computers and networks. The organizations who are protected also feeling that their network is slowing down against this virus.

 Security Tips:

  • Always keep up to date your operating system.
  • Install any Latest Anti-virus like Panda Internet security 2016.
  • Keep Updating you Anti-Virus.
  • Do not open any email that looks to come from un-trusted sources.
  • Be care full about opening emails that come from your friends or colleagues, confirm that what is in it before opening.