USB Disk Security


USB Disk Security – Hackers Stealing Data With USB Disk Drives

Many peoples are using USB disk drives, USB portable Hard Drives and other USB devices in their daily life for moving the data from one machine to another. People also use USB Drives to secure their data and kept a backup of the data in an external drive.

USB Drives can be dangerous for you because their are a lot of types of viruses that are harming your computer as well as the data that you have saved in USB drive.Do you think that your USB Drive is secured enough?, maybe you say yes but unfortunately viruses are becoming more powerful day by day. USB shortcut virus, USB Auto-run virus and USB hidden files virus these are the common type of viruses that with you are familiar today and you have protected your USB drives to fight against these types of virus. But as you are becoming smarter to protect your USB Drives, hackers are also becoming more smarter to harm your data or steal your data.


USB Disk Security Update – New Type Of USB Virus Found!:


USB Disk drives was secured enough before but now researchers have found that there is a new type of USB Virus that hackers are using to steal the data so peoples should must be aware to this virus. Hackers made a Trojan malware named as Dubbed USB Thief or can be detected as Win32/PSW.Stealer.NAI.



This is powerful Trojan that steal the data and does not left any traceable activity. The hacker who made this Trojan put capability in it to steal data without any showing any illegal activity. He made a special program in it that kept it safe from the antivirus so that’s why almost all antiviruses are failed to detect it.

A malware analyst Tomas Gardon stated that this virus is made to target the those computers who are isolated from the internet.

How Dubbed USB Thief Works?- USB Disk Security Update:

USB Dubbed thief is a Trojan that store itself as a portable application’s plugin like (DLL). People use USB Drives to save their important applications like Mozile Firfox, Google Chrome,  Notepad++ and other .exe files, these applications use DLL files. So, when someone executes the any .exe file this Trojan will also executes in background. When this Trojan will execute it steals the data and send it to it’a author. As this Trojan runs from the USB devices so it does not left any tractability and it can not be spread over a network of computers. It can only effect that computer on which someone used a Dubbed USB Thief Trojan infected USB.


USB Disk Security Tips:

People should must aware from the risks of using USB disk drives and they should must protect their USB storage devices from these kind of viruses and Malwares. Always turn off Auto-run in your computer so these Trojan can not run automatically.

Use Panda Adaptive Defense 360 that is the best solution for these kind of virus because adaptive defense have the ability to stop any new kind of virus that is newly created. It also can detect a virus that is made 15 minutes before.