No more ransomwares. Yes you hear right !

Forces And Security Companies Made Online Portal For Ransomware Decryption:

The Dutch Police , Europol, and the IT security Companies, Intel Security And Kespersky Lab join forces and Cyber Security companies to start fighting against the Ransomwares. This mission against the ransomwares named as No More Ransomware.

Ransomwares are a type of malware that spread through email spam campaigns. Ransomware infection encrypts all the user data. In order to decrypt the data victim should have to pay a demanded ransomware. The number of victims infected by ransomware are increasing day by day much fast. Due to which Security companies and forces have decided to combat this threat.

No More Ransomware: Online Ransomware Decryption Tools,

No More Ransomware is initiative by the Europol, Intel Security And Kespersky Lab. The aim of No More Ransomware portal is to provide the awareness about the ransomwares. It explains and tells people that How ransomware works?,what ransomware is and the most important question that How to protect yourself from ransomwares?.

No More Ransomware portal contains 160.000+ keys that will help people to retrieve their data. It also contains four Ransomware Decryption tools for different kinds of malware. These Ransomware Decryption Tools developed in 2016 for the Shade Trojan Variant.

Shade is  ransomware Trojan that was developed in 2014. This Trojan spread through the malicious websites and emails that contains infected attachments.  The security experts exchange information about this ransomware and finally one day they succeeded to seize their server  , where they store the decryption keys. Kaspersky got those keys and developed a Ransomware Decryption tool that now help peoples to retrieve their data.

No More Ransomware portal also contains “Crypto-Sheriff”, On Crypto-sheriff any once can upload his/her two infected files. The experts will examine those files and provides you the solution if they have.

Ransomware Decryption Tools are now available but their are to much low chances that your data will be retrieve. So, I strictly suggest you to install Panda Adaptive Defense 362 signature less Antivirus that prevent any kind of Ransomware.