Ransomwares striking major firms and traditional Antiviruses fails to fight against the ransomwares. This is not said by only me. Alchemy systems the largest IT solution provider UK based company have said in his blog post that AV fails when ransomware strikes.

What Happen When Ransomware Strikes?

Your files, customer data , your passwords and other data is much valuable for you and also for the firm in which you are working. Have you ever thought you can loss your data by just making a wrong click ?

Yes, you must have to think about it, because Ransomwares strikes through the email campaigns. That emails contains a malicious Word or PDF file. That malicious file contains a .vbs script, which executes and encrypt all the data that you have stored in your device.

The encrypted data cannot be locked until you don’t pay the demanded ransom amount. This is also not 100% confirmed that the Hacker behind the ransomware will give you the decryption key.

Are You Thinking That Your Current Antivirus Can Fight Against The Ransomwares?

If you are thinking that your Traditional Antivirus is able to block this kind of threats, then you are wrong. Traditional Antiviruses only detects the traditional threats and viruses. However, Ransomware are the advanced type of malware.

Don’t you believe that What I have Said?

No, problem the read out this Case study about Ransomware provided by the Alchemy System.

"UK SMEs are finding out that expensive security is often powerless to stop extortion.Targeted ransom attacks can’t be stopped with yesterday’s security"

"UK-based building consultancy discovered the hard way, being hit by ransomware is like staring dow-n the barrel of a loaded gun during a quiet evening stroll",Said By the Alchemy System.

Alchemy SuperHeroes Strike BACK when a ransomware strikes in UK-based building consultancy company. They have noted that, that firm was was using Firewall as well as Antivirus for the protection of their systems. The ransomware bypass all the security systems, Firewall as well as the Antivirus protection installed on their computers.

The ransomware infection spread on their network and encrypts the data of almost 90% computers of that firm. You can now say that a single act of opening an attachment can be a life time trouble for you. I am sure you are shocked and thinking that how can we be save from this kind of threats?. Don’t worry answer to your this question is given below.

How To Fight Against The Serious Threats Like Ransomwares?

Alchemy System recommends Panda Adaptive Defense 360. Which is strong protection against the Ransomwares and all kind of threats. Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is a signature less technology that is able to detect any kind of virus or threats. This strong protection is able to detect a virus even it is written before 15 minuets.

Why Panda Adaptive Defense 360?

According to cyber security experts 75% of new malware goes undetected by antivirus.Do you know why ?. Because Antivirus works on the base of signatures. If the antivirus have the signature of that virus then Antivirus detects it otherwise not. And i hope you know signatures of the viruses are made after a deep examine of  that malicious file that contains a virus.

On the other hand Panda Adaptive defense 360 is a strong end point protection that continuously monitoring of all processes, gathering 1000s types of information about the file such as, ‘where did it come from, ‘how did it execute’, ‘on which system’, ‘who made it’, ‘what type of task it executes’, ‘ When did this file have made’, ‘ when this file is modified’. These information gathering process done by the super computers along with Panda Labs Experts also identifies and blocks malware.

“We don’t allow anything to run until we know exactly what it is”, said by the Panda Lab Expert.

Adaptive Defense 360 is able to detect a serious threat that other protection systems don’t even have seen it. So do not wait until it’s too late.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360