Tumblr Data Breach

Tumblr Data breach another incident happens in 2016. Hacker hacked tumblr accounts and make it available for sell. Before few days  LinkedIn Accounts was hacked and made available for sell. This is really dis appointing users are becoming victims of hacker . Social media website like LinkedIn and Tumblr should have to provide security to it’s users.

Troy Hunt Reported About Tumblr Data Breach:


In the beginning of  this month Security expert Troy Hunt owner of Have I Been Pwned  has informed in a blog post that ” Tumblr has faced a massive data breach in 2013. At that time Tumblr was not able to revealed that how much users was infected on that tumblr data breach”. According to Troy Hunt  Six and Half Million peoples was infected in that data breach and after three years now the hacker is made that data available for sell on the Dark Net Market.

Tumblr Data Breach And Hacker Made It Available For Sale:


The hacker is selling Tumblr breached data just for 0.4225 Bitcoins which is equal to $225. The hacked data includes the unique emails of more than 6 million peoples with the salted & hashed passwords. This has been noted that the hacker of is selling the hacked data is the same hacker who was selling selling data of LinkedIn Hacked Accounts. I am really scared to hear that, he has more data of Myspace and Fling. I am really worried about my social media accounts.
The accounts with the weak passwords and poor security are easy to hack and cracked. So bear in your mind always keep a strong password on you account with using the combination of Letters ,Number and Special Characters.  Please i advised you to change your password of tumblr accounts and make a strong password on it.


Tumblr user should also have to enable two factor authentication on their tumblr account, which makes tumblr account more secured.

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication In Tumblr Account?

  1. Login to your tumblr account .
  2. Go to ” Settings “ which are able to see top of the dashboard page.
  3. Go to Security Settings and enable ” Two-Factor Authentication”.
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. You have done.

Note: You can also use Google Authenticator app to enable Two-Factor Authentication, i suggest you to use both methods.