Twitter Data Breach

The world is become to know about the data breach of  biggest social media website Twitter. Before this we are already aware about the LinkedIn And Tumbler data breach. Hackers sold that breached data on the Dark web marketplace Russian hackers have taked the responsibility of leaking the data of these social media websites.

According to The Hacker News Myspace and is also facing a massive data breach.Day by day we are becoming to know about the massive data breaches, i am really scared that How much data still hackers have to be released in feature ?.

Twitter Data Breach:

A Russian hacker who have already sold the LinkedIn And breached is now claiming that he have more than 32 Millions user’s account credentials and he is selling it for 10 Bitcoins ($5,800) on black marketplace.

LeakedSource a search engine that keeps 1.8 billion leaked records have received a copy of Twitter database. LeakedSource have said that the hacker is used the same alias that he was used in the Russian Social Media Website’s ( ) data breach. The Twitter hacked database contains primary email address, secondary email address and the hashed passwords.

Twitter Data Breach Claim Denied By Twitter:


However, Twitter has strictly denied the claim  that twitter has not facing any data breach However LeakedSource have claimed that the leaked data is a result of malware.

"Million of users have infected by the malware, and the malware injects in the browser like Chrome and Firefox and than send the saved username and password to the hackers behind the user's eye".  This has been said by the LeakedSource in a blog post.

Few days ago maybe you have aware from this news that Twitter and Pintrest account of owner of Facebook Mark Zucker Berg’s was hacked by the Saudi group of hackers. Do you know how the social media account of Zucker Berg was compromised?.  Hacker obtained the username and hashed password of Zucker Berg’s account from the LinkedIn data breach and than cracked the hashed password and tried it on different social media website. After trying on different websites hacker successfully compromised the Twitter account of Mark Zucker Berg.

The hacker steal the login details of Zucker berg account from the LinkedIn data breach and tried on Twitter and successfully logged in. This incident points out that maybe the hacker made an other database of Twitter’s account from the LinkedIn, Myspace and’s breached data. The hacker maybe posted this data as a new hack against the Twitter that is not happened in actually .

Well nobody knows the real story behind this scene. The point is that hackers have millions of user account ‘s login details in their hands. We should must have to secure our accounts. Change your password of  social media account and always keep a strong password because strong passwords are hard to crack.