Anyone Can Get Unlimited Uber Free Ride Code

Uber Free Ride Code

Uber is an American multinational online taxi service company. People made a request on Uber app for a trip , this request then routed to the Uber drivers. Uber drivers have their own car. Uber service is the smartest service that is running in many regions around the world.Uber gives a free ride when some one use Uber app for very first time.If you use Uber App for first time,Uber provides you a Uber Promo Code which is used for a free ride.

Security Researcher Explains How Can He Get Unlimited Uber Free Ride Code?

Mohamed M.Fouad a security researcher from Egypt have found a critical vulnerability. This vulnerability can let any hacker to get unlimited uber free ride code.If you have Brute Force attacking skills, you can also brute force Uber promo code value to get the unlimited uber free ride code.

M.Fouad found this vulnerability that let hackers to “brute force uber promo code” in the sign-up invitation link. People use this sign-up invitation link to invite other peoples to get the free uber rides. ” I have seen that Uber is not using any protection against the brute force attack.This helped me out to find out different promo codes with amount of 500$ to 25,00$ “, Fouad Said.

M.Fouad shared some images that clearly shows the promo-codes brute-force attack and different uber free ride codes between low to high amounts.

Uber Free Ride Codes


Uber Free Ride Codes 1


Uber Free Ride Codes 2

Uber Free Ride Codes

M.Fouad also shared a video that shows this brute force attack in full action.


M.Fouad Reported This vulnerability That Can Let Any Hacker To Get Unlimited Uber Free Ride Code:


As Being a responsible security researcher Fouad reported this vulnerability to the Uber team. Fouad said Uber Team’s reply was most weird,They considered this is out of scope !! and can report to a fraud !! as below :

Uber Free Ride Codes

Fouad said i have reported this vulnerability three times to Uber Team but their reply was same. They considered it always Out of scope. He also said that i am not the only security researcher who report this vulnerability. An other security researcher, Ali Kabeel, also reported the same vulnerability but in URL code customization feature. Ali Kabeel also got the same reply as i got.

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