Windows Zero Day Vulnerability

Another big news becomes in security news’s headlines that, hackers have found windows zero day vulnerability. This vulnerability have founded in all the versions of windows from windows 2000 to latest and updates windows 10. This is really unbelievable How Microsoft was not aware from this big vulnerability?. Hackers have announced that every one can buy windows zero day vulnerability just for $90,000.

Security Experts Said About Windows Zero Day Vulnerability:

Security experts have said that ” Hacker have really a legitimate Windows Zero Day Vulnerability and they are selling it , this vulnerability is in wrong hands. Microsoft should have to take step immediately. The peoples who are already harming computers users and networks can use it in wrong way which can be dangerous. Security experts at Trustwave said to Threatpost in an interview that , ” Without purchasing the zero day vulnerability there is no any other way to check how this vulnerability is legitimate”.

What Is Zero Day Vulnerability?

Wait a minute before going next i would like to tell you that maybe you are wondering about what is a zero day vulnerability. Zero day vulnerability is a hole in any software from which the vendor of software is not aware. Any hacker can use to exploit this hole founded in software. 

What Windows Zero Day Vulnerability Can Do?

A windows Zero Day vulnerability can give admin rights to hacker of any computer which is running windows different versions , from windows 2000 to Windows 10. Hackers have provided two video which shows this vulnerability in action. In 1st video hacker have shown that this exploit is able to bypass the Microsoft Windows’ Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) protection of all the versions of windows. On the other hand in second video hacker have shown that this vulnerability is successfully exploit all the latest versions of fully updated versions of windows by elevating the CMD.exe

This windows zero day vulnerability is reported by the Trustwave. They have told that before the hacker was selling is vulnerability for $95,000 but now he dropped the amount to $90,000. Microsoft have not commented about this report however they are publicly announced that about the existence of this vulnerability.