Microsoft launched Office 365 with some builtin security tools. You are thinking that Microsoft’s builtin security tools can protect you from the virus and malware.Unfortunately this is not going to be happen, zero-day Cerber ransomware attacking Office 365 user by bypassing the Microsoft security tools.

Avanan Detected Zero Day Ransomware:

On June 22, Cloud security provider Avanan detected a massive attack against it’s customers that were using Office 365. They found that a nasty peace of ransomware spreading through the email spamming campaigns.The spamming email contains a malicious word document file.
If you will open that attached malicious word document file then it will force to enable the macros in order to see the full content. If you enable the macros once, your files become encrypted using AES 256 encryption method which is still unbreakable. The encrypted files can not be unlock until you don;t pay the demanded ransom price which is 1.24 bitcoins or ~792.96 USD.

Infected peoples are able to see a ransomware note when they begin to open any encrypted files. But this zero day ransomware not only displays a ransomware note,also use users’s audio system to read out ransomware note to inform the users that their files are encrypted by this zero day ransomware.


Before this  zero day ransomware campaign, we are aware from the Locky and CryptXXX ransomware spreading campaign. These ransomwares was become the money making monster,hackers earned a lot using these ransomwares. Hackers behind the another ransomware named Dridex, also earned Over $22 Million by infecting the Banks Of United Kingdom.

Avanan’s security team also shared a screen shoot of malicious word document file, which is showing below.

Zero day ransomware

According to Avanan’s report about this zero day ransomware, this is hard to precisely measure how many users are infected by this ransomware. However, avnan’s team estimated that 57% organization who are using Office 365 was must received at least one peace of this zero day ransomware during the time of attack. 

How To Be Safe From This Zero Day Ransomware?


  1. Always keep creating restore points on your system.
  2. Back-up your data into an other external drive.
  3. Be aware from this phishing and malicious emails.
  4. Do not open any file that you are received from any untrusted source.
  5. Disable Macros in Microsoft Office products.
  6. Keep you system up to date .

Use Panda Adaptive Defense 360 To Be Safe From This Type Of Zero Day Ransomware:

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