mark zuckerberg hacked password

I am just shocked to hear that a person who is running famous social media websites Facebook and Instagram fail to secure his own social media accounts. Yes i am talking about the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg  who is taking responsibility of securing million of users but failed to secure his own social media accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media Accounts Hacked:

Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pintrest was compromised on last Sunday  29 May 2016.  A group of Saudi Hacker named as Dubbed OurMine have taked the responsibility of hacking Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pintrest account. 

Hacker have said Thanks To LinkedIn Data Breach,  more than 117 million of accounts was hacked in that data breach. Hacker have also found Mark Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn Account credentials from data breach.Hackers took the SHA1-hashed password and broke it and than tried it on different social media accounts.


Hacker Accessed Zuckerberg’s Social Media Accounts :


Hackers successfully accessed Zuckerberg’s Twitter @finkd and Pintrest profile and replaced his cover photo with their group logo. They also posted some offensive post on of them was 

" Hey @finkd (Zuckerberg) You were in LinkedIn database with password "dadada" "

This is really funny that Mark Zuckerberg’s accounts password was ” dadada”. This password was not much strong that’s why hackers easily cracked it. And tried it on Zuckerberg’s different social media accounts.

In a Tweet Saudi group of hackers have claimed that they have also hacked Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram, However this was soon confirmed that Zuckerberg’s Instagram was  not hacked. And all his hacked accounts was successfully rescued.


As i have told above hackers have hacked more than 117 Million Linked Accounts hacked with Login Credentials and SH1-hashed password. SH1-hashed password are easiest to crack if your password is not much strong. That’s why i have suggested you to change your password and keep a strong password. Not only LinkedIn Data breach there are many cased of Data breach Like Tumblr Data Breach  from which hackers have got the millions of users login details of social media accounts.