Mobile Phone Spy
Spying Mobile phones

The Ability Inc Israel is a company which provides spying tools and apps around all over the world.Government of  Many countries are using their different kind of spying products. Ability Inc have developed a biggest and starling product which is used to spy on any mobile phone anywhere located in the world.

Ability Inc Developed Mobile Phone Spy:

The Ability Inc’s teams have claim that their mobile phone spy can spy on any phone with just using the mobile number and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) code. Mobile phone spy have ability to record all the activities that have done on mobile phone including messaging and calling.

Ability’s Mobile Phone Spy is the Unlimited Interception System (ULIN). This product was launched in November 2015. Nobody can use it for free. Ability have made it price to $20 Million depending on how many targets customer want to surveil. A customer who wants to spy on any Mobile phone only needs the Mobile number of the target or the IMSI code of target’s phone.

Technology Similar To Ability’s Mobile Phone Spy:

A similar technology IMSI-Catcher is being in used by the Police of United States. IMSI-Cather is able to snoop the IMSI code and it has also ability to spy on the target’s location,messaging and calls but within in a specific range. On the other hand Ability’s Mobile Phone Spy is able to spy on any mobile which is located any where in the world.

Anatoly Hurgin, CEO of Ability have said to Forbes that , They have found  a weakness in telecom infrastructure on the base of that weakness they have made this exploit tool which can spy on any mobile any where in the world. This exploit is can be possible due to a weakness in SS7 (Signalling System No 7). Signalling system no 7 is the main part of networking infrastructure which is used to route the calls between different mobile network carriers  and switching centers.

Forbes security team have said that Ability got a powerful product on it’s hand. Hacking a mobile directly required requires installing a peace of malware or virus on the targets mobile. Which have more chances to be caught and detected. However Spy on mobile by accessing SS7 helps to acquire much information of the target’s mobile with the little chances of being caught.