Android instant Apps

Android instant apps lets you to use any android app without installing it. Some times we have forced by the websites to install their app for a small work like some shopping websites force you to install their app if you want to buy something Like Flipkart. Online movie tickets booking websites also required their app installed to book movie ticket online. Installing a particular app that will be no in more use again after one time is headache for the peoples. Peoples don’t want to waste their time in installing a app for just buying something or booking a movie ticket online.


Android Instant Apps:

Time is more important for any one, nobody wants to waste his/her time. That’s why Google introduces a new world where you can  use any android app without downloading and installing it. Google takes this step for the people to save their time.

On an event on Wednesday 18 May 2016 , Google I/O have said that the wall between the website and it’s app always irritates the users. Android Instant Apps will break this wall and let the users to access any android app with just clicking on a link to open a android app without installing it. In this event Google’s spokesman shown on the stage that how a android app can open with just clicking on a link.


The presenter on the stage also showed How instant Apps works?. He bought a camera online from B&H Photo , he completed the buying process without installing B&H Photo’s app.

Android Instant Apps Event- Google Said To Developers:

Google android instant apps presenter have suggested to the developers that they have to modularize their already developed apps. Currently all the apps in play store do not have their tiny version for be used without installing. Making instant app version of already developed app will help the users to use apps without installing it.

How Android Instant Apps Works?

When any user clicks on a URL, if the website has it’s instant app users will able to see the tiny version of that app instead of seeing it’s website. The instant app will load as much fast as a website loads up, so don’t worry about loading speed. When android instant app will release it will work for all the Android 4.2 and later versions.


Android Instant Apps B&H -    Android Instant Apps BuzzFeed-Device-Install


Note: You don’t have need to install Instant app feature , this feature will automatically update via an update to the Google Play Services.