Facebook Tracks Your Searches

Facebook tracks your search queries and than show you ads related to your searches. This is become very hard to stay hide from the advertising groups or marketing companies. They are trying their best to  track our searches which help them to make their advertising campaigns better.

Facebook Tracks Your Searches:

If you are a privacy lover than Facebook’s this step will hurt you. Facebook has started recording our searches queries that what we are searching. These recorded queries will help Facebook to show ads on our browser or app that are related to our searches.

Before,Facebook was only showing targeted ads to the users. Which means a person or a organization targets specific area,gender,interests and Facebook show ads to user on the based of targeted elements. But now Facebook has decided to gather more data and make their Advertising campaigns better to provide better results to it’s customers

On 26 May 2016 , Facebook has announced that  ” The company has decided to grow their audience network which in returns help publishers and advertiser to gain better profit from it “. Not only Facebook Google also records our cookies and show ads relevant to our searches.

Facebook has also started recorded our cookies with the the help of Third party plugins Like , Like Button , Share buttons etc.  Facebook’s deputy chief privacy officer Stephen Deadman said,

" "We've designed these updates so that we continue to comply with EU law. In particular, we reflected feedback from people who use Facebook, including a variety of privacy experts across Europe, about improving our cookies policy and obtaining informed consent from people,"

Facebook had declared that we are not going to sell our user’s personal data. We are just going to take benefit from it. Your recorded cookies will help our ads network to provide better results to the publishers and advertisers. If you don’t want Facebook records you data than you can change your Facebook Settings .