FindFace App

FindFace app helps you to find social profile of any one with the help of Face Recognition Technology. This app requires a photo of that person whom social profile you want to find. This app is not good for the peoples who wants to keep hide their profile from the public.

FindFace App Helps You To Find Social Profile Of Any One:

This app is developed by the Russian developers, Artem Kukharenko and Alexander Kabakov.  This app let the peoples to find your social profile by using you photograph. This app is developed on the base of Face Recognition Technology. This app do a deep scan using a photograph and finds all the matching photographs that are uploaded on the social media websites. This app provides 70% exact result.

Guardian have said about FindFace app that this app requires a picture of person  and than do a scan against the Russian social media website named as Vkontakte. Vkontakte is a popular social media website in Russia. There are more than 200 million users on Vkontakte social media platform.

When FindFace App Was Published?

FindFace app was published in Google Play Store before 2 months. This app let peoples to find social profile of any person whom with they want to do friendship. So , the peoples who likes to make new friends are in love with this app. Within 2 months this app have 50,000 registered users. And million of peoples are searching about it.

FindFace App Not Good For The Privacy Lovers:

FindFace app is not good for the person who really don’t want to share their profile with public. They are surely disappointed with this app. And also many girls will not happy with this app because they don’t want to let any one find their profile and than harass them.

The developers of the FindFace have said that this app is basically a dating app, but this app can help security organizations to find billions of peoples using their photograph.  Russian Police have already contacted to this app’s developers. This app is really working an also able to find the people who looks similar to each other.

Kaspersky Said About FindFace App:

When this app was released security firm Kaspersky  begin to test itKaspersky tested it’s algorithm and said that ” It’s algorithm works perfect and it can really profile 90% accurate results”.

Kaspersky also advised to the Vkontakte users that delete the old photos from your account, always keep your photos private and do not share your photos with any un-trusted person.