Li-Fi Technology – Wi-Fi Will Shift To Li-Fi Soon

Li-Fi Technology

Li-Fi Technology – Wi-Fi Will Shift To Li-Fi Soon:

You maybe be surprised to know that Wi-Fi is not a word it’s a short term of Wireless Fidelity. Wi-Fi is the technology with whom you are familiar today. Wi-Fi is a wireless network that allows the users to connect with the internet without using any physical media. Wi-Fi modem creates radio waves that provide a wireless connection to start communication between the user and internet. Wi-Fi has served it services from a long time but now it’s time to shift from Wi-Fi to Li-Fi technology.


What Is Li-Fi Technology?

Li-Fi technology is also similar to the Wi-Fi, it also allow the users to connect to the internet without using any physical medium. But the difference between Wi-Fi and Li-Fi is that the Li-Fi is faster than the Wi-Fi. Li-Fi is the fastest communication technology that is discovered by a German physicist Harald Haas. Li-Fi used light bulbs to provide the network connectivity. A device that is under the Li-Fi bulb light can be connect to the internet.

Li-Fi Technology

Why Li-Fi Technology is more Faster Than Wi-Fi?

As i told above that Wi-Fi use radio waves to transmit data, On the other hand Li-Fi transmits the data using light. Speed of light is much faster than the speed of waves so that’s why Li-Fi can transmit data 100 times faster than the Wi-Fi. Scientists examine the speed of Li-Fi by using it in a lab and they are amazed to see the results that Li-Fi can transmit 224 Gigabits/second. This result was really amazing so that’s why the scientists thought that the Wi-Fi should be replace by the Li-Fi.


Li-Fi Technology Not Only Tested In The Lab:

Maybe you are thinking that the Li-Fi is not implemented in the real world like offices, colleges, home or anywhere else. So here is your answer that while Vlemeni (An Estonian Company) become to know about the Li-Fi speed they took out this technology and implemented it into the offices. The company was become to know that the Li-Fi is transmitting 1 GB data per second that is really much faster than the Wi-Fi.


Is There Any Disadvantages Of Li-Fi Technology:

If you thinking that LI-Fi only have advantages to the users than you are wrong there a some disadvantages of Li-Fi that is major cause due to which Wi-Fi is not replaced by Li-Fi yet.

  • You can only connect to the internet while your device is under Li-Fi bulb light, if there is any object in from of light then you will lose connectivity.
  • You can’t access to Li-Fi internet while you are outside under the sunlight.
  • Li-Fi is expensive because of the installation of VLC system that is high in cost.