Yahoo’s Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer struggled a lot to re-invent Yahoo as an Independent  company but failed to do it. Few days a go CEO of Yahoo Decided to Sell Yahoo including it’s assets.

After few days now finally Telecommunication Company Verizon comes forward to Buy Yahoo and it’s assets, according to a bloomberg report.

Verizon offered Marissa Mayer (CEO Of Yahoo) to sell Yahoo and it’s assets for $5 Billion.

Spokesman of Yahoo said in a Statement  that. We are not going to comment anything about this deal until we don’t finalize any agreement with Verizon. This is also still unclear that Which asset’s of Yahoo will be including in the deal.

Why Marissa Mayer Selling Yahoo?

Yahoo was founded in 1995, at that time Yahoo was the brightest star of web. When Facebook and Google beaten Yahoo in competition of having large number of it’s daily users. Even few years old companies , like Whatsapp and Snapchat also beaten yahoo within a short duration.

CEO of yahoo struggled a lot and spend billions of $ to improve the Yahoo’s mobile product. Yahoo also acquire other platforms like Tumblr to increase their audience. But he fails to re-invent the Yahoo and beat the other competitors.

I think Mayer started struggle to late and to much slowly that’s why he fail to do that what he wants.

Why Verizon Buying Yahoo?

I am sure that you are wondering that why a Telecom provider company is going to buy Yahoo?

The simplest and the short answer is Verizon buying Yahoo for the Advertising purpose.

After getting the success in Wireless Technology , Verizon now buying internet and ad technology companies. Verizon recently bought the AOL- American global mass media corporation compete in a mobile advertising market. Verizon preparing itself to beat the Google and Facebook in mobile advertising market.

Do you know yahoo have million of users? and Yahoo have acquired the collection of websites like Flicker, Tumblr, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo sports. Yahoo have also acquired some digital-ad technology companies like BrightRoll and Flurry.

Due the reasons defined above, Verizon buying Yahoo and it’s assets. Buying Yahoo will also help Verizon to generate revenue from AOL and Yahoo by showing digital advertising on mobile devices.