whatsapp encryption end-to-end

Whatsapp encryption end-to-end is announced on Tuesday 5 April 2016. This is a good start towards providing full security to the users of Whatsapp. Do you know what is the meaning of Whatsapp end-to-end encryption?.

What is Whatsapp Encryption End-To-End ?

End-to-End encryption means when you send some data to one device to another.it will encrypt before travel and will automatically decrypt when it reaches to its destination device. Encrypt data is not in readable form so that’s why no body can see it that what is inside in it.

How End-To-End Whatsapp Encryption Works?

End-To-End encryption is applied on text,voice,audio,image and video data transfer. The sender who send the data will encrypted after sending and it can only be decrypt when it reaches to the receiver.

You will amaze to know this that it’s really brilliant no body can see your personal chats even hackers do not access it through anyway and also whatsapp’s administrator cant see your data. This is really amazing you are much secured now. You will be happy with it but unfortunately some of government agencies are not happy with it.

As you know in past days we have seen the battle between the Apple company and the USA Justice Department. USA Justice Department asked apple to unlock the Encrypted data of IPhone that belongs to a Shooter, who is involved in the December’s deadly San Bernardino, Calif., attack. Apple refused to do that because its against of their protection that they provides to the IPhone customers. However, its not good for the security of the peoples.

Researchers have said that whatsapp introduced end-to-end encryption that is a good step towards the technology. But the data will be decrypt when it reaches to its destination device. So, it means data will not be longer secured when it reaches to its end point receiver.


Of course Private and secure communications is necessary for the peoples who are communicating over the network. But question is that how can we trust on the peoples who are connected to the communication server?. Do you believe the peoples that no body can negative use of this technology ? . This is said by a security expert.