whatsapp encryption end-to-end

Whatsapp for Desktop and MAC is now available with full functions. Whatsapp is a popular messaging app. It was only available on mobile phones. Facebook owned Whatsapp few time ago. Now it made Whatsapp available for Desktop and MAC.

Whatsapp For Desktop And MAC Is Now Available:


Few time ago Whatsapp lunched a website based application for use Whatsapp on your browser. Now Whatsapp is available for Windows 8 and higher , also it is available for the MAC OS 10.9.Desktop app of Whatsapp mirrors the Whatsapp messages from the mobile phone.

In a blog post Whatsapp team have said that , ” Desktop app of Whatsapp is similar to the Web based Whatsapp that is launched before.it synchronized conersations , messages from the mobile phone. ”

Whatsapp launched this desktop app for the users. That users can access Whatsapp any where at home or office while putting their mobile in pockets. Usage of Whatsapp on desktop is as easy as we use on mobile or web based Whatsapp application. Whatsapp is becoming popular day by day. According to a survey there are More than 1 Billion active users per month on whatsapp.

As whatsapp upgrading its features and services like whatsapp first removed the1 $ fee of Whatsapp , than whatsapp provided end-to-end encryption and finaly now Whatsapp is available on Desktop and MAC. Updates in technology will help to increase the number of users of that technology. As Whatsapp is upgrading , I hope that the number of users of Whatsapp will also increase.

Whats Desktop is Available on Whatsapp Own Website. You can Free Download Whatsapp For Desktop And Mac.

How to Download Whatsapp For Desktop ?


  1. Download Whatsapp For Desktop , But note that you can only download Whatsapp on Windows 8 and higher version of windows or  MAC 10.9 (newer).
  2. When Download Complete Open the Whatsapp Desktop App.
  3. You will able to see a QR Code on Whatsapp Desktop app screen , Scan QR Code with your mobile to Synchronize your device.