Have you ever thought that can someone hack your iPhone?.

Answer is Yes, a single crafted-message can hack an iPhone as well as can hack iOS devices. Are you wondering that how a single message can hack your iPhone?

How Hackers Can Hack Your iPhone?

Hacking an iPhone or any other iOS devices can be done due to a vulnerability found in iOS devices. Security experts have said that this vulnerability is similar to the Stage fright vulnerabilities founded in android. Stage fright vulnerabilities was founded about a year ago, which let hackers to spy on billion of android mobiles. Hackers spy on billion of android mobiles by just sending a special crafted-message.


Cisco Talos senior researcher Tyler Bohan, discovered this straight-fright type vulnerability in iOS operating systems. This vulnerability let hackers to install a payload on victim’s iPhone by sending a crafted-message. If a payload is successfully installed on victim’s iPhone, then hacker is able to steal the account credentials, saved passwords, email logins and other saved data from victim’s mobile.


How Hackers Attack To Hack Your iPhone?

Hackers have started taking advantage from the vulnerability founded in iOS. Simply hackers have to create an exploit for the bug and then send it to the victims by Multimedia messages (MMS). When the victims received this multimedia messages and begin to open it, a payload is automatically install on victims iPhone without his permission.

"The receiver of an MMS cannot prevent exploitation and MMS is a store and deliver mechanism, so I can send the exploit today and you will receive it whenever your phone is online," Bohan quoted as saying by Forbes.

There is an other way through which hacker can also attack victims to hack their iPhone mobile. For that purpose hackers have to send the attack through safari browser which is Pre-installed in all iOS devices. For installing payload on victims mobile hackers have to trick the victims into visiting a web page that contains a malicious payload. When the victim visits that malicious web page, payload will automatically installs in victims device.


What Apple Team Has Done To Stop Hackers To Hack Your iPhone?

Apple team is aware from this kind of vulnerabilities so that they have included Sandbox protection in iOS, which prevent the hackers to exploit any single part of iOS to get control over the whole things in iOS.

But if you have jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, hackers have still opportunity to hack your iPhone and hack iPad. Rooting your mobile is similar to handling your mobile phone to some one stranger. 

MAC OS X does not have builtin Sandbox Protection that is why , the Mac OS X devices are still vulnerable. Hackers can easily hack Mac computer remotely with the victim’s passwords. I was hoping that  apple team will fix this vulnerability in Mac OS X as soon as possible and hence they fixed it in previous update.

Apple was facing some other serious vulnerabilities like this straight-fright vulnerabilities, So they have launched iOS version 9.3.3 which patched this vulnerability that let hackers to hack iOS devices and some other serious vulnerabilities.

I strictly advised you to update your iOS devices to iOS version 9.3.3 as soon as possible. Your this act will save your mobile phone from the hackers.