Windows 10 Universal Apps

Windows 10 universal apps have improved the Windows 10 friendly environment.Windows 10 is not only desktop improved operating system, it also includes many universal apps that can be used from the desktop. Apps included in Windows 10 is much mature than the apps which are included in Windows 8. There are list of  apps given below which are included in Windows 10.

3D Builder Windows 10 Universal App:


3D Builder is a free windows app. This app is used to design,edit,create and print 3D models. This app was also included in Windows 8 with full support and 3D printer drivers.

Alarm And Clock

Windows 10 Universal



Alarm and Clock is builtin app in windows 10. This app is similar to the Mobile phone alarm and clock app. And everyone is familiar  with its functionality that this app is used for Set alarms ,see world clock and Stop Watch.


Calculator Windows 10

Universal App:


Calculator is also on of free builtin windows 10 app. This calculator app have added standard, scientific, and programmer layouts and unit conversion functionality.


Calendar Windows 10 Universal App:


This is an advanced Calendar app which you can use to exchange calendars,it also allow you to connect Google and iCloud calendar with this app. In this app you can also able to see all upcoming events.


Camera Windows 10 Universal App:


Windows 10 Camera app is similar to the camera apps that we are using in our mobile phones. This app  uses device’s camera to capture pictures and record videos.


Contact Support Windows 10 Universal App:


Contact support app is a platform made for the computer users to get help about the Windows 10. This app let you to talk with the Microsoft’s support representatives.


Cortana Windows 10 Universal App:


Cortana is digital assistant app that works on your voice command. Like if you ask her to tell a joke , it will find any joke and show it to you or if you ask you to play any music it will play any music for you.


Get Office Windows 10 App:


Windows 10 provides a direct link to  download Microsoft Office 360 free for 1 month. It will be cost 7$ Per month after 1 month.


Get Skype Windows 10 App:

A modern app of Skype was included in Windows 8 but Microsoft removed it from windows 8 before launching the Windows 10. Windows 10 provides users to use desktop based Skype app instead of downloading full screen app. This app was named as Skype For Desktop.


Get Started Windows 10 App :


Windows 10 this app includes the videos guides , tutorials tips and tricks about the Windows 10 usage. This app can help you to use Windows 10 with efficient manner and understand it’s features.


Groove Music Windows 10 App:

Groove Music requires Xbox Profile to listen music. This app is designed by Microsoft to compete with the Spotify,Apple Music,Sound Cloud and Google Radio. This app allow users to listen music that are stored on their device and as we as on cloud.